Hello! We're Ladyfingers Co.

An end-to-end communication design studio with bold solution creators, prolific visual artists, natural storytellers and generally well-rounded, likeable individuals.

Creating Cohesive Brands

A brand isn't just a logo. It’s the overall impression of a company or business that customers build while interacting with anything that represents it. This includes stores, apps, social media, packaging and anything in between.

We help brands seamlessly weave their communication across mediums. Our efforts focus on taking the brand from where it is to where it needs to be.

For Third Wave Coffee, we extended the visual language beyond their logo to all their communication collaterals, packaging and their cafes.

Narrative-Driven Design

We believe in the power of storytelling. To us, stories are a simple and effective way to build compelling communication. We love to use them at every chance we get.

For Biome Environmental Solutions, our graphic novel served as a unique tool to spread inspiration and awareness on water conservation in Bangalore.

Mindfully Made

We take pride in providing solutions that are nuanced, sensitive and deeply rooted in context and culture.

For Innovators In Health, we created a board game that was based on detailed research and field visits that helped us better understand the needs of the intended audience.

Engaging & Immersive Solutions

Some of our best work involves creating solutions that engage our audience through immersive experiences.

For Godrej, we built an interactive board game that simulated real-life challenges that beauticians would face on their journey to becoming independent entrepreneurs.

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Break the cycle of boring meetings and conferences and engage audiences through the power of live sketchnoting!
At Noteworthy, we use real time sketchnotes to turn words into powerful visuals that have a lasting impact and generate better results from meetings and conferences.

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