Client : Innovators in Health

IIH: Game Design


Innovators In Health aimed to spread vital information on at-birth-immunisation to rural communities in Bihar. However, they faced several cultural and infrastructural challenges.


IIH approached us to design Aarogya, a game that would resonate with the families and individuals who played it to enable them access to information that would help them understand why, how and where to get their newborns vaccinated.

Featured on: Databaaz.
Winner: 2021 Kyoorius Creative Awards: Baby Brass Elephant

Understanding Cultures

We created a board game named Aarogya. We immersed ourselves in the realities of maternal healthcare in rural Bihar and built the narrative to include the information about available infrastructure and compromises expecting mothers and families have to make at the time of birth.

Impact with Intent

Built on a foundation of the familiar, Aarogya was able to push the boundaries of the impact of a board game by including interactive elements like wearable badges and discussion cards that sparked debate. With Aarogya, we turned social intervention into collaborative teamwork.

“ The team at Ladyfingers visited us in our field area in Bihar to understand the context and interact with the community before delving into the designing phase. As a result, the game was visually appealing, easy to follow and engrossing. ”

- Dyuti Sen, Programme Manager, IIH

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