Client : Third Wave Coffee

Third Wave Coffee: Branding & Identity


Third Wave Coffee was born out of the dream to introduce India to specialty coffee. Although they were rapidly growing, they needed to elevate their identity to communicate with their audience.


To create a strong identity for Third Wave Coffee that could translate seamlessly through all points of interaction with their customers, be it their cafes, their in-store collaterals, their packaging or their online and offline marketing communication.

2021 brand refresh, in collaboration with Tonic Design House.

Communicating Warmth

Our communications across packaging, interiors, social media and various other marketing collaterals were conceptualised with warmth at the helm. We took the friendly, semi-formal approach to speak to our largely millennial audience. Our photography style showcased products and cafes organically while avoiding the overly-curated route. The website was sleek, simple and informative in design, weaving the brand story through content we carefully planned. We wanted our audience to relate to us and understand every part of our vision.

Community, Collaboration and Care

Care and community were the strongest pillars of Third Wave Coffee’s identity. Thanks to collaborations with skilled architects and interior designers, this sentiment was also beautifully translated into Third Wave Coffee’s spaces. We partnered with Indian artists across disciplines and backgrounds to create bespoke artworks that highlighted Third Wave Coffee’s ethos in all their cafes and added a unique identity to the spaces.

Forging an Identity

While Third Wave Coffee has a strong product and a loyal community, they needed an identity that tied it together in a clean, cohesive and comprehensible manner. We created a strategic solution that doubled as their brand story. Through multiple rounds of branding exercises, we distilled Third Wave Coffee’s core values and framed its positioning statement: Building communities over coffee. In this way, we leveraged brand allegiance to build a visual language and theme that consumers could enjoy.

Nuanced Modernity

It was clear that the heart of Third Wave Coffee’s brand lay in its loyal customer base. Using this as our cue, we created an iconic illustration style that highlighted their sense of community. Inspired by the warmth of a great cup of coffee, we extended the colour palette, setting the mood for the brand. We kept the typography clean and uncomplicated with crisp communication that reflected a modern Indian brand.

“ We started working with Ladyfingers very early on in our journey. When we started working with them we had only the logo that was designed by a family member and no other collateral. Over the years we have worked with them to overhaul our brand identity, create collaterals for all departments of the business such as in-store, online, website etc and it's been a wonderful experience. At Ladyfingers they don't just try to understand your design needs but every project is looked at from the lens of brand, market positioning and customer need to come up with solutions that work overall instead of looking just aesthetically pleasing. They are very accommodating and always ensure that they are working like a team with various internal teams to ensure the best solution is designed. ”

- Ayush Bathwal, Co Founder, Third Wave Coffee

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