Client : Client : Third Wave Coffee

Third Wave Coffee: Packaging


Third Wave Coffee approached us to develop the packaging for their brand new at-home cold brew bags.


To create strong packaging for Third Wave’s at-home Easy Cold Brew bags, highlighting the refreshing, transportive qualities that every sip of the drink provides. 

A Daily Ritual

We developed the product’s positioning by getting to the very essence of cold brew. Drinking cold brew was like a daily ritual — a break in your day that transports you to a place of relaxation. Drawing on this feeling, we created the packaging for their Easy Cold Brew bags.

Sipping on Serenity

We used serene, leafy illustrations to capture the experience of drinking a delicious cold brew coffee. The dreamlike forms of the illustrations were a nod to the moment of peace the drinker feels after sipping on a great cold brew. Summer felt like the weather best suited to cold brew and this served as the inspiration for our colour palette. Bright, high-contrast colours were used on both flavour variants, creating a visual that stood out on shelves. The dark blue shade tied back to Third Wave’s branding and brought out the rich depth of the cold brew itself.

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