Client : California Burrito

California Burrito: Branding & Identity


To refresh California Burrito’s branding and visual identity, changing the way customers viewed their offerings.


Although California Burrito had been around for many years, they wanted to change the consumer’s perception of their brand to bring it in line with their vision.

Honestly Good Food

One of California Burrito’s key messaging points was its focus on real, additive-free, healthy food that tasted as good as it looked. Using this concept, we built a positioning statement - Honestly Good Food. We used this statement across mediums, utilising it prominently to brighten up spaces and adding it to California Burrito’s branding in a cheery, maximalist fashion.

Refreshingly Tasty

California Burrito serves fresh, delicious food made with love, care and authentic recipes. We communicated this with evocative copy, hand-drawn design styles and an earth-toned colour palette.

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