Yes, you may call us Ladies!

We're a visual communication studio that creates fun, sensitive and compelling solutions.

Our first priority is understanding your business and audience. This helps us tailor-make end-to-end solutions that are both engaging and effective.

Our second priority is cake.

We are based out of Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata.

The traffic might be bad, but we always manage!

Our story began at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, where we graduated from in 2012.

We love collaborating with creatives across disciplines. Our general rule is that if it's right for the project, then yes, please!

  • Rajasee Ray <br />Co-Founder, Design Lead

    Rajasee Ray
    Co-Founder, Design Lead

    Illustrator, graphic designer, graphic recorder and lover of all things fantasy. She blends mediums like writing, illustration and animation to create effective design solutions that tell engaging stories.

  • Shubhangi Goel <br />Co-Founder, Creative Director

    Shubhangi Goel
    Co-Founder, Creative Director

    Designer, creative director and production enthusiast. Problem-solving comes naturally to her, making her a fan of a good challenge. She starts every design process with one fundamental question — WHY?

  • Tanvee Nabar <br />Co-Founder, Design Lead

    Tanvee Nabar
    Co-Founder, Design Lead

    An unapologetic maximalist, Tanvee is an illustrator, designer and graphic recorder. Her strength lies in using visuals to communicate mood and meaning. Equal parts gratifying and exhausting, style exploration is her favourite part of projects.

  • Shreya Rohatgi <br />Junior Designer

    Shreya Rohatgi
    Junior Designer

    Eclectic and experimental, Shreya loves playing with various styles and aesthetics. You can usually catch her with her earphones plugged in, sipping on a cup of coffee while diving deep into projects, letting her creative spirit take the lead.

  • Nivedita Singhal <br />Project Manager

    Nivedita Singhal
    Project Manager

    If you ask us, there's no one more organised than Nivedita. A designer turned project manager, Nivedita finds order in chaos just like her hero Monica Geller. She enjoys journaling and is a regular investor in the coolest stationery.

  • Diya Philipose <br />Senior Copywriter

    Diya Philipose
    Senior Copywriter

    Former lawyer, current copywriter and aspiring Euphoria cast member, Diya loves a good story, especially one that she gets to tell. She enjoys combining her writing skills with her interest in consumer behaviour to create brand communications that always hit the spot.

Put our (lady)fingers to work!

We have a dedicated team of designers, illustrators, copywriters and project managers who work in sync the whole way through. We bring our unique vision and core competencies to every project to understand your brand and effectively communicate to your audience.

Design Consultancy | Art Direction
Branding | Identity | Packaging
Content Curation & Creation | Print & Digital Communication
Illustration | Graphics for Spaces
UI/UX | Information Design | Graphic Recording

We have worked with 70+ clients across multiple industries, including technology, education, publishing, FnB, non-profit and much more.
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