Client : EnAble India

EnAble India: Brochures


EnAble India is an organisation that focuses on empowering economic independence and dignity for persons with disabilities through the lens of value. They needed 3 brochures for 2022’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos.


To create 3 brochures that could convey information about their organisation’s core values and functioning in an easy, readable way.

Bringing Brochures to Life

At Ladyfingers Co., we love bringing brochures to life! We used narrative-driven designs to create visually engaging brochures that told the stories that drive EnAble India’s work. Tints from their logo were chosen for the monochromatic colour palette, allowing the story to take the centre stage. This colour usage reinforced the brand identity for maximum effectiveness at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.



Capturing Core Pillars

The founders of EnAble India believe that every person is born with some abilities, strengths and limitations. Since we all have our own limitations, creating a world where disabilities are normalised benefits everyone. We captured this ethos in our 3 narrative-driven brochures. The illustration style utilised warm and organic lines to highlight the humanity and emotion of the content. It drew focus to the true achievements of the protagonists and their ability to contribute valuably to their families and society!

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