Client : Godrej

Godrej: Game Design


The BP team upskills beauticians across India to become independent entrepreneurs. They asked us to design a training kit for Godrej Salon-i’s Beautypreneur programme that could effectively chart out the journey of owning a beauty parlour and growing it into a thriving business.


To design an engaging training kit that would add some excitement to their workshops and cover basic maths, business skills and goal-oriented entrepreneurial thinking exercises.

Lived Experience

Our proposed strategy was a board game. The BP game was built around real stories and experiences from the programme. Players had to pick situation cards to make choices that would enable them to grow their business. Playing in groups allowed participants to learn from each other’s decisions.

Steady Growth

Tested in the field and adopted into the BP programme, the competitive gameplay brought much excitement and energy into workshops. By simulating real-life challenges, the game allowed participants to practice profit calculation, expenditure recording and evaluation of opportunities, amongst other vital entrepreneurial skills.

“ Women entrepreneurs sit on a double edged sword - they have worked hard to build a small enterprise but are reluctant to think big. The “hisaab” scares them. I had been working with Ladyfingers Co. for quite some time. They understood the women [and the context]. A game always works - after all who can stop us from amplifying our dreams in a game? Calculations and maths in the context of a game are easy and at the end of it, behold! We had a balance sheet. The magic is done by the Ladyfingers team! ”

- Poulomi Pal, Programme Manager, Godrej

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