Client : Biome Environmental Solutions

Biome Environmental Solutions: Graphic Novel


Biome Environmental Solutions wanted to document the incredible story of a gated community in South East Bangalore that used their help to create a sustainable water management system.


To inspire more communities in water-starved Bangalore to take action with an engaging account of a real journey. This story needed to be shared with a wider audience while protecting the anonymity of the key players.

Engaging with Intention

We created The Case of the Drying Borewells, a graphic novel through the eyes of two main characters. In collaboration with Biome Environmental Solutions, we gathered verbal accounts of the last 17 years in the community and filtered them into a script that would be engaging for all age groups.

Sustaining Sustainability

The story was supported by colourful illustrations, heavily inspired by our field visits to the community — a lush green residential area, glowing in the Bangalore rains. The story, illustration style and colour palette all revolved around the central theme of water, and the importance of its abundance.

“ Rajasee and team did an excellent job with the rainbow drive comic book. Their enthusiasm to understand the story and their skill with the artwork ensured we had a great story to tell. We do look forward to opportunities to work with them in the future. ”

- Shubha Ramachandran, Consultant,
Biome Environmental Solutions

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