Client : Women's Fund Asia

WFA: Annual Report 2019-2020


Women’s Fund Asia, a feminist donor organisation supporting the rights of women and trans people in the continent, needed an appealing and comprehensive annual report for 2019-2020.


To create a compelling visual language and showcase the work done by WFA in 2019-2020 across a digital report, in print and through a companion webpage.

Winner: 2021 Kyoorius Creative Awards: Baby Blue Elephant

Fresh Perspectives

We moved away from the traditional format of staid annual reports and designed an eye-catching, informative and easy-to-understand summary of WFA’s milestones in 2019-2020.

Bold Storytelling

WFA is rooted in the powerful solidarity of women and women’s movements across nations. We designed an annual report that shone with bold colours and striking typography to represent the strength and impact of WFA’s incredible work.

“ The Ladyfingers team did a great job with our annual report last year, the design really captured WFA's work in a playful and colorful style. They listened to our concerns and were flexible when we needed to add something that was not in the original brief. We appreciate their hard work in delivering a beautiful and lively document and accompanying web page. ”

- Pim Savetmalanond, Programme Officer, WFA

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