Client : LiveLaughLove

You Are Not Alone: Booklets


LiveLaughLove was founded in 2015 by actor Deepika Padukone with an aim to create awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues. As part of their student programme, the foundation required booklets that conveyed important mental health information to adolescents, their teachers and their parents.


To create three booklets of similar tonality for three audiences in different roles, effectively communicating information about mental health in a sensitive and nuanced way.

Building Inclusivity

Our design and illustration revolved around the fact that any person, even a seemingly happy, functional one, can experience mental health issues. We ensured our illustration style was light and pleasant without taking away from the gravity of the cause.

Mindful Design

We leveraged LiveLaughLove’s brand colours to create a bright palette that complemented the tonality of the content. The background pattern was a visual metaphor for waves of emotions and mood. Our illustrations avoided stereotypical depictions of mental health while engaging a wide range of age groups.

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