Client : Safe and Swasth

Helping Hand


The pandemic called for innovation for many daily tasks to prevent the spread of infection. Safe & Swasth did exactly that with Helping Hand, the contactless safety tool that they needed branding for.


To create a visual language for Helping Hand that conveyed valuable information in a clean, crisp and friendly way.

Simple Visual Communication

Safe & Swasth’s Covid key is a multi-functional tool that was super-handy during a time that was scary for most people. We aimed to convey its utility while allaying fears that potential consumers might have had.

Mood & Tonality

We designed a branding style that was easy to comprehend and remember. The smooth lines and classic colours helped build an identity that was based on a mixture of seriousness, safety and simplicity.

“ It was a pleasure to work with Shubhangi and the Ladyfingers team for developing the brand identity for Safe & Swasth. They have a great aesthetic and were very professional, especially when it came to meeting deadlines. Would definitely recommend! ”

- Vishrut Kanoria, Founder, Safe & Swasth

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