Client : Sahjeevan

Sahjeevan: Website


Sahjeevan, a non-profit, approached us to revamp their website to reflect the incredible and crucial work they do in the field of pastoralism and biodiversity.


To create a website that not only showcased Sahjeevan’s achievements, history, and partner network but also catered to Gujarati readers.

See the full website here.


Organic and Impactful

We designed a website filled with images and illustrations of their primary stakeholders—the pastoralists. The hand-drawn illustrations added warmth to the visuals, and the colour palette drew from Sahjeevan’s logo and the natural world they operate in. The website was developed dynamically, to work across all screens and devices.

Crisp Content, Seamless Functionality

Sahjeevan had vast amounts of content that needed to find a place on the website. We recategorised and rewrote this content to make it easier to navigate and comprehend. Interactive infographics were used to streamline it into easy-to-read formats. Scroll below to see an example of this with our historical timeline of the organisation that we’re super excited about!

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