Client : The Zappy Box

The Zappy Box: Branding & Identity


The Zappy Box, a gifting service, approached us to refresh their brand identity.


To create a new visual identity for The Zappy Box to make them more appealing to D2C without alienating their B2B corporate audience.

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Unwrapping an Identity

Through an in-depth workshop, we culled out their brand proposition and framed their brand story. Our workshop revealed The Zappy Box’s greatest contribution to the lives of their customers was that they effortlessly facilitated and enhanced special moments of connection.

It’s a Celebration

There’s no feeling like excitedly untying a ribbon on a gift! Using this as inspiration, we conceptualised a visual direction with the flow and movement of a ribbon. We selected a handwritten logotype to add a personal touch to the gifting brand. Bright, vibrant colour choices enhanced the warm and happy nature of the brand while separating it from the sage and pastel shades that the gifting industry is saturated with. The colours also kept the brand from seeming too gendered, a feature that was important to them since gifting brands often focus on primarily appealing to a female audience

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