Client : Third Wave Coffee

Third Wave Coffee: Space Graphics


Space graphics are a powerful communication point for a brand, and Third Wave Coffee was particular about utilising theirs to the fullest. They approached us to design the same.


To design graphics for Third Wave Coffee’s spaces, covering a range of communication points that enhanced the customer’s journey through the cafe.

Curated for the Customer Journey

Space graphics are an excellent way to communicate the many facets that make a brand. We mapped out the customer’s journey through the store, and designed a range of illustrations and graphics that they could interact with while they were there. From the brand story to the ecosystem behind Third Wave’s beans, we showed the customer what the brand was all about every step of the way. Our customer journey strategy also helped Third Wave plan out their operations accordingly.

Beautiful and Scalable

Our in-house illustration team collaborated with artists from all over the country, using their myriad styles to tell different versions of the Third Wave story. Since Third Wave Coffee was expanding rapidly, we also created a system that allowed for scalability. Flagship stores got artwork unique to them and the locations in which they were situated while smaller cafes had pieces that could be scaled for multiple stores. We used decals on facades to speak to the customer more directly and illustrated light boxes to tell them a visual story. The magic of neon signage added a dash of fun and kept things Insta-perfect! 

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