Client : Natuf

Natuf: Branding & Identity


Habibi Falafel was being reborn as Natuf. As the ultimate destination for Levantine cuisine in India, Natuf aims to bring you an all new experience through premium, delicious, wholesome and high-quality food products.


To craft a brand identity that not only encapsulates the spirit of Natuf but also resonates deeply with the audience. Natuf spotlights on sweet baked goods for gifting. Thus our branding and packaging design aimed to celebrate the act of gifting with sophistication and flair. While working for an F&B brand that represents a cuisine that’s still relatively new in India, we were careful to avoid gimmicks while still being approachable and authentic.

Levantine Cuisine Finds Its Soul

We were tasked by Natuf’s founder Amer Juneidi, who calls the Levant home, to authentically capture the essence of Levantine cuisine and translate it into a brand. “The joy of exploration” became a key value in our design journey. We sought inspiration from the very ingredients that define the cuisine. From the tangy zest of sumac to the aromatic allure of roses and za’atar, each element was meticulously crafted to tell a story of taste and tradition. These flavors, uncommon in India, serve as a portal to a new culinary world.

Gifting Joy

Natuf isn't just a restaurant; it's a celebration of Levantine culture in all its glory. We designed a set of gift packaging, elevating sweet treats like Baklava and Ma'mool into tokens of premium indulgence. With Natuf, the joy of gifting meets the magic of Levantine cuisine, creating an experience that's as unforgettable as it is delectable.

“ We are very pleased with the outcome of our branding exercise with Ladyfingers. Since we’ve launched our product line of Levantine sweets, we always get the same comment over and over from our customers - that the packaging is fabulous! We can thank Ladyfingers for that. ”

- Amer Juneidi

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