Client : Amadora

Amadora: Branding & Identity


Amadora, a gourmet ice cream haven born in the heart of Chennai, is on a delicious mission to spread its sweetness far and wide. As they expand their horizons, they needed an identity as bold and unique as their flavors.


After a brand audit, it was clear we needed to create a visual language that would communicate the brand’s values more effectively. We wanted to craft a visual language that not only spoke about Amadora’s essence but also resonated deeply with both loyal customers and new enthusiasts. We embarked on a quest to capture Deepak’s passion for crafting ice cream that transport you to moments of pure bliss.

Evoke Happiness

Ice cream isn’t just something that tastes good, it’s a treat in every sense to all the senses. From the flavours to the textures to just how delightful it looks; this delicious dessert is meant to evoke happiness through and through. Our design journey centered around celebrating the pure joy of eating ice cream and how Amadora is key to that feeling. Our visuals focus on the elements that make ice cream so much fun, like sprinkles, shapes and colours (to represent the many flavours that Amadora creates)! We’ve utilised a mixture of graphics and photos to underline the unique textures and flavours at Amadora. Bold colours bring in the element of enjoyment while a clean, minimal logo grounds the concept and adds a touch of playfulness.

Joy of Making and Eating Ice Cream

We wanted to depict the science and the process that goes into making an icecream. Our space-inspired graphics transport you to the enchanting world of an ice cream factory, where each scoop is infused with fun, nostalgia and wonder. Overall, the concept is about all the little things that come together to make ice cream at Amadora, such a joy-filled experience!

While designing the graphics, our main goal was to convey the journey of Amadora’s ice cream production. We achieved this by creating visuals featuring a playful and relatable character that would guide the viewers through the entire process, from mixing the ingredients to packaging the ice cream. This approach aimed to help the customers learn more about the care and craftsmanship that goes into every scoop at Amadora.

“ I had the pleasure of working with an incredibly talented all-woman design team for our recent rebranding project, which included developing new brand guidelines, a fresh logo, and stunning artwork. From the outset, their professionalism, creativity, and dedication were apparent. They approached our vision with a unique perspective that only a team of their caliber could offer, blending modern design trends with timeless aesthetics to create a cohesive and impactful brand identity. ”

- Deepak Suresh

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