Client : iD

iD: Branding & Identity


iD, a South Indian eatery from Chennai, needed to refresh their branding and visual identity as they expanded into a chain of restaurants across India.


To refresh iD’s branding and visual identity to reflect the elevated and soulful dining experiences that they provide their customers. 

Brand Positioning

With an in-depth workshop, we analysed the core of the brand and their customers. It became clear that what separated iD from the competition was the attention they paid to every element that makes for a good meal. They had created an elevated dining experience that had delicious flavours, happy memories and loads of soulfulness. With this in mind, we filtered out their brand story and coined their new tagline — Chennai’s Everyday Soulful.

Creating a New iD

We cleaned up their logo with minimal intervention. We created and systemised their colour palette, using tones that are present in South Indian tiffin and meals as our inspiration. The guidelines for the tonality of communications and photography were set to strongly anchor iD’s identity as they grow.

Getting to the Soul

We worked alongside Story Studio to ensure the visual identity was translated into their spaces and designed custom artworks that depicted food items, ingredients and utensils that are traditional to South Indian cuisine. We created a set of 48 artworks that could be used seamlessly across all their spaces in different permutations and combinations. All in all, our brand refresh ensured that iD represents soulful dining experiences at every customer touchpoint.

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